Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Evangelical Music Conference 06

The EMC 06 was really worth attending. Faith, Jess and I (Nerida) went along to the conference which was held at the Creek Road Presbyterian Church last Saturday (20 Oct 06). It was fantastic to see so many others there (around 200) from so many different churches.

The bible teaching by Mike Raiter (Bible College of Victoria) was excellent, he did a particularly good job on the topics of 'Singing in the Spirit' and 'The Power of Song.' We also discovered some great new songs to bring back to our home churches and we were all stretched as we attended different electives about Church Band Dynamics, Vocals and Songwriting.

Personally, the highlight of the day was the bible talk from Ephesians 5:15-20. It encouraged me to renew my focus and purpose for serving in the Newlife Music Team. It was also great to be exposed to edgy new songs with quality lyrics and to be able to purchase the resources needed to make sure we're ready to go forward into 2007.

I'd encourage everyone on the Newlife Music Team to get ready for EMC 2007, it really is a conference not to be missed.


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