Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reaching the City

Erich Bridges of the International Mission Board notes that "Nearly half the world's population now lives in cities. That total will reach 60 percent by 2030. By 2015, the number of megacities with populations topping 10 million will reach 23. Beyond the massive physical and social challenges posed by such giants, Christians have yet to find effective strategies for evangelizing them."

When I think and pray about the work that God has placed before us in reaching our generation with the good news of Jesus Christ, I believe more and more that reaching and influencing these 'cities' with the gospel is strategic to effectively reaching the smaller (and equally as important) communities beyond them.

When it comes to the comment that "Christians have yet to find effective strategies for evangelizing them (the cities)" I reckon to be continually praying & working at it, trying new ways to communicate the unchanging message is always the way forward for Christ's Church.

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