Monday, April 16, 2007

Annual leave wrap up

Well back on deck after taking the last of my annual leave for 2006 and I guess you don't really appreciate time off until you are in the midst of it. Highlights were the chance to catch up with my sister Mary and her son Isaac before they headed back to the U S of A. We miss you.
Nerida and I also had a great time away for three restful days on the beautiful Gold Coast while my Mum and Dad babysat the kids.
I also went and watched 300 (by myself) and I thought it was great. I definately wouldn't recommend anyone underage going as it is very violent etc but the storyline is powerful and has real depth in speaking to our generation about values, discipline and courage to stand firm till the end. Hmmm Jesus had a bit to say about those very issues to His disciples in Matthew 24:9-14.
Anyway I just so happened to trip over this interesting article regarding the movie 300 by the Sydney Anglicans - check it out here.
Anyway all in all it was a great time to catch up with family. Gotta do it more often. End Post.

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