Sunday, April 01, 2007

Newlife Beach Camp 2007

Well I'm sitting back home burnt, tired, red eyed and yet extremely satisfied with the way that our Beach Camp went this past weekend. Overall the weekend was a great success, apart from minor mishaps like the rec centre omitting to tell us that there was NO cabin 11 in reality but there was one on their official camp sheet (it was like an episode of the X files)??? Nerida and I have got to say that this camp was right up there with the best camps we've ever been on. Don't know if that's got to do with the relaxed laid back approach to the timetable or the people who attended or both but everyone who went had a good time and we all learnt stuff about following God and we all were encouraged and challenged by Pastor Bob Burnett's talks from the gospels. Props go out to a heap of people who made big efforts to be there and live the gospel with others in community. As my youth pastor told me many years ago camps have a tendancy of knocking the rouch edges off people in a way that Sunday church just can't.
Jane and Kirsty, I'm sorry you had to go home early. Thanks also to the Faith, Jess, Steve, Ian, John Shield, Sam, Jack, Sonya and Beth for making the camp go so well. I know I've missed out important people but before I go I wanna give a BIG shout out to the 'Par Boys' (not the Bra Boys... but close) for coming along, I trust the surf of the Sunny Coast was up to your standard... ;)

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