Saturday, March 03, 2007

Day Off Getting Back to Basics.

Well I'm late in posting for my day off, because it really wasn't one with O-Week activities at the Uni and other things that popped up but...

I did manage to score a few hours at a local Golf Driving Range with Golf Pro and future brother in law Hugh Hofmeister. It was a great deal, $15 dollars and unlimited buckets of balls. I can't tell you how surprised I am at how sore I am today. I've got blisters on both my thumbs. But the part that really was cool was there was this we kindly offered to move out of the shaded part when a 80 year old bloke came along with a middle aged lady we assumed was his daughter. Well the move was absolute GOLD for Hugh. This bloke was a PRO Golf Coach giving this lady real good advice... I know nothing about Golf but He did cause just casually listening to him Hugh managed to immediately correct a year long problem with his driving. And I managed to actually concistently hit the ball. It's all in the...

straight arm

short backswing

closed left eye (for me)

bent knees

head over the ball

snapping the wrists

NOT looking until the ball has truely gone etc
Golf, get into it it makes the frustrations of life seem insignificant!

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