Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Redeemers Vision for New York & the World

Sometimes it's just good to sit back and listen to what God is doing out there in His world. I've really been encouraged by Tim Keller's passion and enthusiasm for following Jesus and giving his life to reach out to the lost in New York City and beyond. And for those who would say it's all happening because of Tim, I just can't see how any movement (much less a church planting movement) can be created or sustained by any one person. It's just impossible. Sure he can give his life to serve God, but each church planted must be lead by fresh leaders, that's where the real ministry of 2 Timothy2:2 has to kick in.

Check out the vision Redeemer Pressie's chasing here.

Other resources are being added regularly here.

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Ben said...

Hi Will, I don't have your contact info, so wasn't able to get back to you. You can shoot me an e-mail at ben@towncenterchurch.com, and I'd love to chat. I can get you any of those organizing docs that you need. ~ Ben Arment