Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Arvo Sit-down

I'm sitting here reflecting on how awesome today it was just to sit in the crowd and listen, to be refreshed and rechallenged about keeping Jesus as the reason for everything we do here at Newlife. The International Music Team were rippin it up mixing old with new (how about Sarah on the drums - man) and it was great to listen to Norm as he reminded us of the power of Jesus to not only save us but to grow us into His image. The good news about Jesus is for everyone, the lost and those who've been brought home.
It was also good for me to have some time out over the past two weeks just to sit and reflect upon what God has and is doing amongst us His family. He's been consistently bringing new people; families and singles, some who know Jesus others just wanting a safe place to check Him out. Some move on (for good reasons) but a whole bunch have stayed and for that I'm grateful. God is building His church and it only makes me all the more passionate about sharpening our focus on teaching and applying the good news so that lives of both the lost and found are changed for eternity.
Let's always strive to be a safe place for those who don't know the love, grace and mercy of God in His Son Jesus. With Easter just a few weeks away let's all be praying about who we can invite along and let's embrace those who're visiting God's Church for the first time.
It's been a great two weeks. Busy but great.

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