Monday, March 12, 2007

Furtick Says Things Straight

Was just chillin out, winding down checking a few blogs when I was hit right between the eyes by Steve’s blog here. A word of warning, before you read it pray, slow down, check it out, and stop… and before you do anything pray again, think about what he's saying. I suppose I'm saying don’t let the bluntness of the message trip you up. Instead think about it, I reckon he’s really onto something. His thoughts remind me a lot of what Andrew M said to me a few weeks ago about church not being just about us. Furthermore Steve reminds me of how God thinks about his church. You see church isn’t all about us, it’s all about God and His purposes for His bride. Let’s not get sidetracked into a self centred approach to church, it just doesn’t cut it with God.

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