Thursday, March 08, 2007

Props to Norm B

Just wanted to thank Norm Bartlett for taking the load and preaching this weekend. Just talking to him I'm excited about what's coming this Sunday! His talk is coming from the letter to the Roman Church (in the Bible) and it's all about "The Heart of the Matter." (Now Norm's got the inside running when it comes to having a big and passionate heart for Jesus so it'll be good) Two things...
1. Make sure you get there this Sunday cause it's going to be a great time of encouragement.
2. Invite a friend. Some studies show that OVER 95% of Christians say it was the clear invitation at a Sunday Service that got them to the point of their decision to follow Jesus.
Hey and let's keep praying for the Bartletts, they're an awesome couple committed to serving others with God's love.

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