Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Breakdown

Well today was another real encouragement to me and the crew who make up Newlife Church. The meeting at Springfield went well and it was good to have a little bit more room to move today but we miss all the internationals and uni students. The music team once again did a great job and it was good to have a new song introduced this morning.
Then it was over to Graceville for the second congregation. It also went exceptionally well with 46 attending. The main thing that needs to be worked through is the sound and technical issues associated with the music. Other than that it was a great morning and it was good to work through the book of James, chapter 2 together.


Damo said...

Hi there Will, it is great to discover you on the net. May God continue to enrich your life so that you may continue to pass it on to your congregation. I look forward to reading up on your previous comments to catch-up on all your news. May God continue to bless you and your family. We miss your smiling faces. Regards, Damian and Fiona from the Sunny Coast.

Will Henderson said...

Hi Damian,

Great to hear from you. I heard on the grape vine that you did up the website for Grace? Looks great. What's your blogger address?