Thursday, March 08, 2007

If you don't have an org chart... you have a disorg chart

Hey I'm going to chance my hand here... church planters & pastors out there could you share with me your resources for church organisation charts. I've been thinking alot about this and loosing a little sleep over it. I recognise that this is a crucial issue for facilitating and nurturing the growth of the church.
For more on this topic check out Ben Arments thoughts or org charts here. He's fueled the search and I've asked him for a copy of the one he mentions.
Gary Lamb has a post regarding Ridgestone somewhere... but I just can't find it...
Andy Stanley and his team make sense of it all here, but again for me a picture is worth a thousand words.
Can anyone help here?

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Gary Lamb said...

We are still working on ours. I should have it soon and you are more then welcome to have a copy.