Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Are you working out?

"Get fit. Work it out. Grow it. Stretch it. Use it. No pain... No Gain."
Yes it does sound a lot like something you’d hear in a dodgy Austrian accent from Big Arny Swartznegger… but in fact working out your faith is actually one of the things James is really passionate about in his open letter to the church.

For James (and Jesus for that matter) working our faith out is core. You can’t say you have a living faith if it’s not alive and active. Make sure you join us this Sunday at Newlife as we take the time to really chew over the relationship between faith and works.

If you’ve been thinking and praying for a friend or family member, why not invite them along. They’ll get a very real and balanced presentation of what it means to step out in repentance and faith and follow Jesus.

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