Monday, February 12, 2007

The Wisdom of a Child

It’s funny isn’t it how little kids have a way of viewing life in a simple and yet profound way. Our youngest boy Archie is well and truly getting past the dummy stage but Nerida and I are really finding it hard to take it off him ‘cold-turkey.’ So we’ve just been giving it to him at night so he can get off to sleep (and so we get some sleep too).

Anyway as we were reading the bible with the boys before lights out the other night we were all talking about how Archie is going to soon have to do without the dummy. Archie’s also been cutting teeth and chewing the dummy, which has resulted in him popping the last one he had (before the one he has now). We were talking about this when little Will suddenly looked at Archie with a very serious look on his face and said, “Archie you pop that dummy, and there’s no more… you’ll have to be a boy.” A lump sort of lodged in my throat, I thought to myself “You’re right Will, it won’t be long before Archie pops that dummy and becomes a boy but till that dummy pops he’s my little baby.”


Anonymous said...

This made me smile and reminded me of how precious time is with our kids! They are a gift from God. Mary

Will Henderson said...

Hey Mary,
I'm excited you found our blog. Drop in from time to time and catch up with all our happenings.
Love ya,