Wednesday, February 28, 2007 & Impotent Leaders…

I’ve just been reading some interesting blogs tonight from some different church planters and pastors who attended the recent conference (by the way the podcasts are worth listening to if you’ve got time to get a different perspective of things).
From a brief scan of the blogs it seems like the conference would have been a great time to stretch thinking when it comes to what a church plant’s ‘job’ is. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to plant a church it should primarily be aimed at reaching the lost with the good news NOT just stealing or gathering up the disgruntled from other churches.
Now I realise that with any new work there will be the arrival of Christians and God does send faithful servants along to partner with the vision and serve in His work… However I reckon it’s good to regain a refreshed perspective of what Jesus was really on about in Acts 1:8. It’s quite clear that Jesus wants His church to go and reach out to the ends of the earth with the good news about Him. Why is it that when we plant new churches that we end up just catering for disgruntled Christians who really don’t want to follow Jesus and “go”?
With that in mind it would’ve been great to hear Perry Noble and Gary Lamb give their perspectives on the challenge that is planting new churches that reach the lost. But since I’m in Australia I reckon I’ll have to settle with the notes that Tony Morgan has here. By the way Perry’s blog on ‘Impotent Leaders’ hurts but it’s true. Perry you wrote that for me. I don’t know how often have I bent for people who aren’t with the vision. It’s hard to say ‘No,’ but the spiritual mavericks will never really be happy, they aren’t interested in partnering with the gospel vision. All they want to do is criticise. So for what it’s worth Perry, I take your challenge and I am going to say ‘No’ from now on.
Also for what it’s worth check out Tadd Grandstaff as he has some interesting notes from Shawn Lovejoy’s talk. Shawns the lead pastor of Mountain Lake Church and his blog is also an interesting read.
Blogging, it’s a good way to unwind late at night if you don’t have a rippin book.


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Thanks for the heads up Gary, by the way love your work mate. Keep it up.

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