Monday, February 19, 2007

Ipods, Internet & Church

Was reading an interesting article on the Sydney Anglican's website here and it's got a bunch of things for church leaders to consider about how we might keep up with things in taking the unchanging good news of Jesus to our generation. Here are just two examples of churches that are a bit ahead of the rest when it comes to this sort of communication; LifeChurch and Newspring.

Take a read, take look at the websites and let me know your thoughts on these issues facing the church today.


Holly said...

NEWspring LIFEchurch


Will Henderson said...

Hey Holly,

did you like the Newspring Church website? They're really making an impact upon their community, which just so happens to be Southern Rednecks according to the Pastor...


holly said...

Yeah i had a quick peek...New Spring is in South Carolina isnt it?...It kinda reminds me of a church i used to attend when i lived in Sydney (