Friday, February 16, 2007

Henderson's rippin day off

A couple of Newlifer's have asked us what do we do on our day off...

Well it's been a huge day in every sense of the word.

It all started off with a hangover from LOST. What the heck happened last night? All I can remember is the bears were faster than Sawyer at figuring out how to get food. And Nerida was a little disturbed at the way Jack and Kate were handled, what's the go with those wrist burns? Overall it's got us sucked back in just like the new Mcleods Daughters. I have to let everyone know my Dad is even into McLeods and he's on record as saying Stevie should be careful about Alex... now that's saying something.

Back to our day off. It all started off with breaky, and I was delighted to hear my second boy child Fergus tell me that Vegemite on toast was "Yummy for the inside of my tummy." Don't kids have a way of saying things.

We then dropped Will off and fought the traffic in towards the city. It's a part of our ritual on our day off that we go and have a Coffee at Gloria Jeans. It's a great habit we learnt from Bob and Wendy at the Sunshine Coast. Bob you are awesom man. If you're ever on the Sunny Coast drop in to Grace Christian Church.

Well where were we... oh yes, the coffee was good but the breaky was bad 'cause the pancakes Nerida had were hit with mould. Yes that's what I said, 'Mould.' Anyway she was suitably freaked out and took it back and she was justifably given some fresh ones. It made even my junk food heart break.

After that we headed home to sort out a few household chores. And the afternoon has been finished off with listening to the United DVD and playing indoor Soccer with the Three Amigos (see photo above).

Trust you all are having a great day. Family rocks!


Anita said...

What a cute pic of your "three amigos"!! Good to you having some fun timeout with the family. The Newspring church website (in above blog) is amazing. What a story, having started out as a group of just eight people!! I especially thought the video and podcasts are a great idea. The creativity and content are so contemporary and certainly capture your attention.

Will Henderson said...

Thanks for your feedback Anita. I've been talking with a website designer and he really liked the Newspring site too. Modern and easy to navigate.