Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My life’s ROCKS, what about you?

With key leadership meetings last night, tonight, and another scheduled for Saturday morning I’ve been rethinking through what we do and don’t do at Newlife (now for some of you the thought that I think might be a bit of a brain drain but let’s not go there).
On a more personal level I was recently challenged by another Church Leader to make sure that when it comes to me that I keep it simple. And by keeping it simple he said, “leadership at whatever level is simply knowing what to say ‘yes’ to SO you can say ‘NO’ to everything else that comes along. These things might be good things but you confidently say ‘no’ to them because you have already decided what you’ll say ‘yes’ too.”
Now stick with me. For instance if I’ve truly made the decision in my heart that Nerida is the girl I’ve said ‘yes’ to before God it then makes it heaps easier to say ‘no’ to everything else. A simple illustration but it can be applied to other areas of your life.
The Pastor went on to say that keeping it simple is something that Leaders at every level must do. He said it’s like you have an empty jar that represents your life. If you don’t fill up your jar intentionally life will fill it for you. And to fill your jar well you need to first fill it with the big rocks, the core things. For instance for me some of my rocks that have to go in first are:
Time to nurture and grow in my relationship with Christ.
Time to nurture and lead my family in their relationship with Christ.
Time in the Word and Prayer so I can equip and lead the members of Newlife forward in their relationship with Christ.
Time spent training faithful and teachable men who will then be equipped to do the same with others etc…

Then after the rocks have gone in, you might still have some time so you can fill you ‘jar’ up with other things… the gravel and sand etc. But because you’ve already decided what you’ll say ‘yes’ too, you can now freely say ‘no’ to a bunch of good things that just aren’t the BEST.
Just some random thoughts, bubbling away in my brain tonight cause I can’t sleep.
Trusting your life rocks too.

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