Monday, February 12, 2007

New Series – Travelling Light (James)

Well on Sunday we launched into our new series ‘Travelling Light.’ It’s a 6 week series from the book of James. The Sunday past (11 Feb) we just took some time to get the context right from the book of Acts. We especially looked at Acts 2, 4 & 5 to get a feel for what was happening in the early church and the issues that they were excelling at and wrestling with back then. Essentially the issues are still the same.

If you missed out on the talk from last Sunday why not download it from the Newlife website and catch up (it should be up by Wednesday). Also next Sunday we’re looking at James 1, the title of the Sermon is “Coping with Crisis.” Come along and better still bring a friend. Please also join with us in praying for the Sunday service, that it will be a time of growth, encouragement and new beginnings.

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