Saturday, February 24, 2007

Building Stuff with the Boys

One of the things I enjoy every now and again is building stuff (that is if you don't count church leadership building stuff... but then again I'm really passionate about building people up in the gospel... anyway where was I?) Oh yes, I like building things and one of the latest projects was to build Nerida's birthday present. She wanted a wheelbarrow. So on my day off I went to Bunnings got one and Archie and I spent about 3 hours putting it together.

Now all I can say is that little bloke is a born builder. He worked out how to put the wheel assembly together by himself... no kidding. Anyway one of the highlights was when I'd almost finished and the barrow was upside down and Archie was sitting on it spinning the wheel. I was watching him spin it when all of a sudden he had a brain implosion and decided to put his tounge on the spinning wheel. It wasn't pretty. He didn't cry but let's just say he won't try and lick a spinning tyre again. Reminds me of me... sometimes we just have to learn things the hard way.

P.S. By the way ladies, I am getting Nerida some other stuff so it will be a surprise.

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