Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey Myspace here we come!

Well it's our day off but Ned and I couldn't help but share this with you all. Holly has launched us into our next assault on the e-world. Check us out at our new Myspace site here. If you know nothing about Myspace then you need to take classes like us. Even our boys little Will and Fergus know about 'Myspace' (Nerida and I are lucky to have boys who keep us up with these things.)
Anyway where were we… oh yes, one of our Newlife friends Holly has built us a spot on Myspace (yes) and we want to thank her for her excellent work.
Thanks Holly.
And it’s interesting that one of the first to post on our site outside of Newlife is United. Hey I was always sceptical about that 6 degrees of separation thing until today. But it's TRUE!
Anyway check out our new spot here on the web, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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