Friday, February 09, 2007

Day Off Watching the Cricket... Matty Hayden Driving one!

Well Friday is my day off and it has been a pleasant delight to not only have a quiet cuppa with my beautiful wife at Gloria Jeans but I've also had the excitment of watching the first final of the one dayer series between Australia (of course) and a flat English side. Now this is not a shot at the many dedicated Pommie Church Planters... but what has happened to the side that beat us in that ashes series?

England you and I both know you shouldn't really be in the finals, but oh well.

Comiserations to all my New Zealand Church Planters and Pastors. You were well and truely ripped off. But let's look forward to a New Zealand - Australia Final at the Word Cup. Cricket is certainly going off this summer.

Anyway I'm glad Matty Hayden posted a good total today, it's good to see one of the nice guys make a dent every now and again. Go Matty, you're a ledgend (born 29 October 1971 in Kingaroy, Queensland)! Go Queenslanders GO.

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